The re-launch of the official Manchester Music Tours  coincides with the release of Morrissey’s album “Low in High School”. Featuring the iconic double-decker ‘Mozbus’, The Smiths fans from across the globe will have the opportunity to experience once again how this iconic band made their mark on Manchester and the world.
A few iconic places that will be visited on the tour include;
Strangeways prison, which became instantly recognisable by Smiths fans around the world after the album entitled ‘Strangeways Here We Come’.
Salford Lads Club – synonymous with the band because of Stephen Wright’s iconic picture on the sleeve of The Queen is Dead LP. You will be given a guided tour of the club and gain access to The Smiths room which has been kept as a shrine to the band. Free Tea & Coffee on scheduled tours, and at each location you will be able to take the important photographs that every The Smiths fan wants to capture or recreate.