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Hi Craig,
You took my partner (Catherine) and I on a personalised tour a couple of weeks ago. You might remember it was a wet and miserable Saturday and you dropped us at the airport.(By the way thanks for that)

I have since read your book and done plenty more research on the music scene in Manchester. Your tour was absolutely inspiring and getting us into the Salford Lads for a private visit was something else. The visit to Sifters was also special.

We have just returned home after 4 weeks of travel and I think that 3 hours might have been the highlight of the trip.

If you ever need any referrals please don’t hesitate to make contact.


Adrian Muir

Thanks again for all the tips what to do and where to go in and around Manchester. We really had a great time in Uppermill and in the Northern Quarter. We enjoyed the great Koffeepot, Thomas’s Chophouse, the record stores and all the other places as well.

So see you next time around in Manchester! Then I’m going to do the Joy Division and/or the Madchester tour :)

Best regards

Hello Craig, I was back to Tokyo on last Wednesday.

Thank you very much for Joy Division tour, my dream since my teenage era finally came true! I will upload the photos on my wall very soon.
See you again in next June and keep in touch!

Izumi Nishishita

We went on a personalized Manchester Music Tour and had such a great time. Craig’s personal knowledge and anecdotes were fantastic and added so much to understanding the history and spirit of the area. We learned so much and it is a very efficient way to see some of the key places related to the Manchester music scene. I would heartily recommend this tour to anyone and is a must if you like any of the bands to come out of Manchester in the last 35 years.

Got him on the tour it was awesome, you did a fab job, really had an amazing and emotional time

thanks sooooooo much for sorting it ….. Best experience ever from this Cornish smiths fan

Thanks again
Steph ;) xx
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Dear Craig,

Safely back in Denmark with all 28 students (!) and my co-teacher,
I just want to say thank you for a wonderful musical tour of Manchester.

It was very interesting to learn about the different band sand the history of Manchester – and the students as well as I found you a very interesting tour guide. I must compliment you for ‘knowing you crowd’ – and adding anecdotes as well as memorabilia on important persons… such as Noel Galagher :)

Several of the students talked about your tour with enthusiasm afterwards.
I hope you will be ok with me recommending your tour to my colleagues?
(some might travel on similar trips next year).

On behalf of the Danish group,

Best wishes, Dorthe

Just a wee thank-you for the Mozbus on saturday, It was a fantastic way to start off gig day & we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Glenn & Elspeth were lovely & it was a lovely afternoon spending it with folk who came from all over the world, truly a one off experience, for us anyway.

Hope to see yous again for the Roses/Joy Division tour at some point later in the year maybe


Hi Craig,

everything was fine at the Picadilly Station. we could find a place to
leave our luggage and then we paid a quicl visit to Old Trafford
Stadium. Afterwards we went to the airportby train.

We had a very nice time at Madchester! ;) I thank you again for the
tour and the last minute arrangements! :)

We spent a very nice weekend at Amsterdam and just arrived today at
Barcelona. When I go back to Brazil,I will create a photo album at my
page at Facebook so my friends can see the nice pictures from the
Oasis Tour. They are looking forward to that! ;)

Congratulations for your ideas and iniciative and thank you very much again! :)



Got him on the tour it was awesome your mate running it did a fab job really had an amazing and emotional time….thanks sooooooo much for sorting it ….. Best experience ever from this Cornish smiths fan
Thanks again
Steph ;) xx
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What an amazing experience on the Mozbus with all the Moz fans!
Big thanks to @CraigGillMMT and Glenn today – great host!

Al Whysall



Sorry didn’t email you to say how much the children and staff enjoyed the trip.

Thanks ever so much



This was a fantastic tour of the Manchester music scene. We were so impressed with what it covered, we combined two of the specialized tours (a Joy Division site tour to Macclesfield and the walking music tour of Manchester) into a day excursion from the morning into the afternoon. Craig was very friendly, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable. His familiarity with the area and the Madchester era added an fascinating perspective to the sites and the content along the tour. It was very interesting to see the places and understand how the historical threads of a lot of the musicians tied together.

Overall, the tour is an excellent value and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a personal exploration of Manchester’s rich music history.

Mike Maas

Seattle, Washington

Hi Craig,
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent Oasis tour of Manchester last Wednesday. It was fascinating and all the more so for your first hand knowledge. When you dropped us off at the Apollo, we walked up the side of the theater to get a drink in the pub. Just as we were passing the stage door Noel Gallagher came out and signed autographs for the fans. Perfect timing!

Thanks again,

David Shaw

Hi Craig,

I hope you remember me, I´m Adan, I went to Manchester to made the Oasis tour in 2009, do you remember me? I gave you the Argentina hat, did you still have it?

First at all, thank you for that unforgettable tour, it was my dream since I was a kid, Oasis is huge part of my life, I grew listening Noel´s songs. My brother told me yesterday that Inspiral Carpets will return to Argentina, that´s bloody great! Your first presentation will be sponsored by a mobile phone company (Movistar), so if you want to win a ticket you must to send a text message to download a ringtone of Interpol (the other band who will play in the same day). I won a ticket, I wish meet you again Craig, I need to say you “thanks” one more time.

In 4/11 Beady Eye will play in Buenos Aires too, I bought my ticket 3 months ago, I´m really happy to know that bands as your band, Pulp, Stone Roses (bloody hell!!!), Blur etc are back, britpop never dies! I saw in NME 3 days ago a new about Liam, he said that want to rejoin Oasis for the Morning Glory aniversary. Did you hear Noel´s solo album? I bought it this week, it´s amazing, The Chief is God!

That´s all Craig, I hope meet you again when you come to Buenos Aires, cheers from Argentina my friend, adios!

As 2 years ago: sorry for my english hahaha, it´s the Carlitos Tevez method!


Peterborough, UK


I spent a very enjoyable 3 hours last Saturday being driven around the streets of Manchester on a vintage 70’s open top double decker bus, to visit some of the memorable places that inspired a young Morrissey in the 80’s. Although on my own as the missus didn’t fancy this part of our Morrissey weekend, I was made to feel very welcome by the host and soon made a Moz Bus friend on the upper deck – Chris from Devon!

We got off at various stops for numerous photos, at the Holy Name Church, Southern Cemetery, the infamous Iron Bridge, even the Kings Road house where a young Morrissey in his early twenties penned some of those dear poetic lyrics that mean so much to so many even today.

The tour then went on to Strangeways prison before dropping us all off the Manchester Arena, just hours before our man took to the stage there.

To see Morrissey for a second time in Manchester was a dream come true (hoping to do it a third time maybe in 2013/2014…?) but to have this tour on the same day as a gig was the icing on the cake.

We try and see a gig in Manchester once a year or so and make a weekend of it – next time I’m in town I’d consider another music tour – perhaps the Roses next time (another band dear to my heart, Heaton Park was epic)

Highly recommended and superb value at £20 for 3 full hours.

Glenn Wallworth

Manchester, United Kingdom



Did the Oasis tour with host Craig Gill (Inspiral carpets drummer) prior to the Noel Gallagher (former Inspiral carpets roadie and now multi millionaire) gig at the Manchester Arena, was great to able to visit the old haunts of the band and have a pint in their local pub the Farmers Arms which has dedicated it’s vaults to the band with memrobilia all over the walls.

Other places we visited on the tour were Sifters record shop where you can still buy cassette tapes for 99p, Peggy Gallaghers house where she still lives, The Boardwalk, Boneheads old house where they did the cover photo for Definetly maybe and Noels old flat where he penned a few of the ealry classics..

For £20 per person this tour offers top value for money and is a great way of spending a good 3 to 4 hours of any day when you next visit Manchester

anne m

Glasgow, United Kingdom


This tour is fantastic for any Morrissey / Smiths fans it goes to all the relevant places in an open top double decker bus. All of the people running the tour and the guests were fantastic, it was such good fun and it was a pleasure to meet them all and have so many photos taken

Chris Banks ?@Chrisbanks88

If Carlsberg did weekends… A big thanks to all involved!!


Hi Craig, how are you?
Last week I came back to Argentina. I have spent a great, really great time in Europe. I will never forget about London and Manchester. They were spectacular. Perhaps it’s because of the music but London was perfect and Manchester is a great city, every corner and every street reminded me of The Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses, I would definitely come back again.
Thanks for your recommendation about “Vinyl Revival”, great music store, I’ve bought some Cds and some T-shirts there. Later that day walking along Oxford St. I’ve found an advertisement on a music shop about a gig that night. Remember it was a Thursday, you told me it’s not very usual to see bands on a thursday, but well, I went to see Martin Branah’s Factory Star in a very little club near Peter Square.
So, the 2 days I’ve spent in Manchester were very special, going to Burnage, meeting not 1 but 2 members of the Inspiral Carpets, buying some Cds, shirts, T-shirts and well, walking through the streets of Manchester it was fantastic…
Then, the last 2 days before I came back to Argentina I’ve spent them in London. So, I bought a lot of records and cds, I managed to get “Life” from the Inspiral Carpets!, some records of the Smiths, another one from The Jam, “Definitely Maybe”  of Oasis and a lot more. Also a lot of Cds and clothes.
How about the Manchester City?, you are one of the favorites for the Premiership, you got Tevez, Adebayor and many others. It seems the Manchester derby will be very interesting this year.
And how are going the rehearsals with the Inspiral Carpets? When are you playing live again?

Well Craig, Thanks again for the tour, it was unforgettable

All the best!



My wife and I wanted to give you a huge and sincere thanks for the tour around Manchester. You were very understanding with all of my e-mails and in picking us up at the station. Manchester was beautiful and the highlight of our trip! Thanks again for your kindness and the awesome tour, and please thank Leslie again for us, Salford Lads was beyond cool and we didnt expect such an in depth look at it. We have already seen some of your videos with Inspiral Carpets on youtube and plan on picking up your stuff when we return home. We are not on Facebook but do retain this e-mail address for future use. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area, either touring or on holiday with the wife and kids, you have friends in L.A. and we can show you around or my wife can make you a “home cooked authentic Mexican meal.” Take care man, good luck with expanding the tours and the new material with the band.

Kind Regards,
Sergio and Judy Camacho
Los Angeles, Ca. US of A


The best way to know more about the great history about Manchester’s iconic groups with an authorized voice in a professional and pleasant tour! Thanks a lot Craig, we enjoy so much Joy Division Tour despite the riots…We are now in Barcelona missing Manchester. Stay in touch.

Jorge Cespedes

Hello Craig ‘Gilly’ Gill, I hope all is well! I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me and David Felipe Campos in Manchester. Your tour was amazing, one of the best experiences on holiday ever. I’ll upload pics soon! Cheers from Miami!

Xavier Gustavo Campos

Craig, I just wanna to thank you so much for one of the most incredibles days of my life, taking the Joy Division Tour just in the anniversary of Ian Curtis,meant so much to me… definitely something i would never forget. My hole trip to Manchester was amazing, knowing a lot of cool people and got into the music scene. U are welcome to the Mayan Riviera any day you want mate! Rock ON!!!!

Josef G. Rios

Thank you very much Craig! I really enjoyed the great music tour. I became more and more interested in Manchester music than before. I’ll recomend my friends this special music tour. And I was happy to listen to ‘Love Spreads’ at FAC 251.

Asami Fukuda

Craig, thanks for a great weekend pal, top tours, totally blew us all away, great night out saturday too……i’ll send you the la’s stuff asap if you want it too

Andrew Pidgeon

if your into manchester music this tour is a must

Johnny Law

Thanks Craig for the walking tour. It was excellent. Let me know if Inspiral Carpets make it down to Melbourne.

Shaun Evans

Craig thank you very much for the tour,it was incredible! A dream come true. PS. I can’t wait to read your book! New big fan of Inspiral Carpets :)

Gosia Dryja?ska

Dear Craig, I just wanted to tell that we had a wonderful time with my wife in “The Smiths” tour. We’re hoping to see the Carpets soon in Argentina.

Kind Regards,
Martiniano Cardoso